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Joined: 31st Jan 2017
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28th Jul 2018

Welcome to Guerrilla Gamers,
Our Goal is to become a Big, Successful Community For Mature gamers

1. Cheating will not be tolerated ( Boosting, Modded Controllers, Glitching, Ect.)  Anybody caught purposely cheating will be immediately removed and banned from GGC

2.  All Members must be 16+

3. No Disrespect towards another clan member. Respect is expected to be shown at all times. Any gamer who is disrespectful with be given 3 warnings. after the 3rd warning, that gamer will be removed from GGC

4. Don't be Obnoxious, NO racism, No harassment, Discrimination , Intolerance, ECT.  violation of this results in Immediate removal from the community without Warning. This is a MATURE Clan for MATURE Gamers

5. NO member left behind, we Know that at times some game lobbies may be full, but with good communication we will make sure NOBODY is left out, 

6. ALL members of GGC must only be members of GGC.  Anybody gamer Caught being in more than 1 clan at one time, will be removed from the community without warning

7. We ask that members Keep their Bio/Profile on XBL up to date. We encourage all of our members to put their clan and their rank. as well as our community name, in their XBL profile. (Examples, GWxC,  GWxS , Guerrilla Gamers

8.  gamertag change is Not required, but if you would like to add GCC to you gamer tag, you can do so at any time

9. Every member has the right to share any issues or ideas through the chain of command and at ANYTIME! so, if you have a Question, Concern, or an idea.  please discreetly seek our Leadership and please carry yourself in a Professional and Mature manner. NO DRAMA !

10. members in Leadership positions are Held responsible for providing a Positive gaming Environment for all members of GGC, leaders are responsible for upholding our Community Rules and be a positive Role-model for all members. Leaders are Expected to be ACTIVE and Help the community.  At Times, Leadership will not be able to act Friendly. Leaders must enforce Gaming Strategies, Structure, Ect.

11. Only a General or higher can Kick somebody out of the Community. But even then permission must be given From an XL (Executive Leader) or Higher.   If you do get kicked from the community, You do have the right to our open door policy. please discretely seek out an XL (or higher) and explain your situation in a CALM, Professional, Mature manner. NO DRAMA !

12.  BOTTOM LINE.  Be active, Be involved, Have fun, play games, and network with other gamers that share the same interest. At the end of the day, it is after all just a game!
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Forum » Forums » Rules and Guidelines
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