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What it Takes to be a Leader in GGC
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Joined: 31st Jan 2017
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6th Dec 2017

People sometimes ask " What do i need to do to become a leader in GGC?"  I though i'd give a little tutorial on what it takes, and what's expected. The first thing anyone who's interested in gaining any rank beyong a private should do, is take the time to look around the website and get familiar with the forums, The GGC forums contain threads with everything anyone needs to know about our Rules and our Rank Structure, Not to mention our website is a home for getting to know our clan mates better and keep them informed of clan meetings, practices, and schedules... If your not willing to take the time to navigate the website or ask a leader to teach you, then how are you going to lead anyone else through the process? The primary understanding anyone who wishes to "rank up" should have, is that leadership in our clan Equates to service. if your not willing, or not able to put in the time and effort required to perform and fulfill the responsibilities of a Lieutenant, Captain or General, you should not pursue it. and if you already have rank and find your unable to continue doing a good job, you should step down. Any position Higher than a SGT (GWxS - RMxS)  should be involved with the clan regularly, and understand why this is necessary.  So What does it take to be a leader in GGC? The answer is simple, You have to be willing and able to put aside the time it takes to organize and maintain a Strong clan in our community, You'll need to be willing to make the time to " Get on website forums/Discord  to interact with members and deal with issues, or answering random questions from members regarding the Rules and Rank structure... Get on XBOX live and get on forums regularly enough to interact and get to know your members and help create a feeling of "Family " or unity within the clan.. Make a conscious effort to keep an eye out for members getting online, and communicate with them and other leaders to ensure that your members are inviting each other and playing together... Leaders must Hold and Attend Meetings and practices, and doing other things that you feel will benefit your clan..  * SPAM all messages to all clan members, and always be on the lookout for new recruits that uphold the standards that we are looking for..  Leaders must make sure that a new recruit knows all of our communities expectations and take the recruiting process seriously. (If a new recruit isn't willing or interested enough to stick around for you to go over the details of what holds our community together and make it strong, they're probably not a good fit for our clan... The  above is the basics of what a competent leader in GGC should do. a Great leader will do all of this and more. They will show, through the efford they make, that they want to help make their Clan Strong, and make it stronger.  If you do these things, your efforts WILL get noticed and a promotion will present itself in time.  If you are not able to do these things, hopefully you will temporarily step down, or your superiors will notice, and ask you, or if necessary, force you to step down. Leadership is not about being respectful or even nice to people, Thats just whats expected to be a member of GGC,  Leadership is not about Being funny any making people laugh, thats just a gift some members have that make them fun to game with. Leadership is not just about getting on the website once in a while and make a post once a month, That's just being a regular member of the clan.. Leadership is not about just getting online to play with fellow members, That's just being a regular member. Leadership is about "Leading" the clan, by making the time for things other than just Gaming. it is about keeping the clan strong through interactivity via Forums, meetings, practices and competitions.  Leadership is about making the clan stronger by being engaged and involved with whats going on in your clan and striving to make a positive contribution and help it continue to grow. Leadership is about Finding and helping more online gamers have a great place to meet cool people, Join up and game with them and Dominate in the Game modes that they love to play!!  i hope this helps anyone interested in helping Lead our community, if anyone has questions feel free to ASK
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