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Rank Structure
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Recruit - new Recruit is a gamer who has been invited to play with and get to know the GG community. As a recruit, you are NOT officially a member of GGC.  This period of time is probationary, to see if  you are a Good fit for our Community.  Recruits must Show initiative by Being Involved, and showing that they really want to be here, instead of just Wearing the Clan-tag. After 1 week, the Recruit will be voted on by their peers and asked to join GGC as a Private in a clan.

The first responsibility of a Private is to register at A Private can be classified as a new member to GGC. Responsibilities of a Private include knowing the Rules, meeting other GGC members, and participating in clan meetings/Public lobbies  ect.. Your time spent as a Private is geared towards getting familiar with the GGC community and the professional manner in which we play. privates can get promoted by showing initiative, being involved, attending meetings, asking leaders what they can do to help  ect.  

A Sergeant is a GGC gamer who has earned the privilege of getting a GGC gamer tag, once approved. As a Sergeant, leaders will be depending on you to attend meetings/practices and  to learn game strategies and train with others in order to better prepare for clan or squad matches. A Sergeant is expected to set an example by being a role model for the Privates and Recruits below you and to help them whenever possible. sergeant can get promoted by showing initiative, being involved, attending meetings, asking leaders what they can do to help  ect.  


A Lieutenant is the Captain’s right hand and the first line of defense in upholding the Rules. As a Lieutenant, you will be responsible for assisting the Captain in setting up meetings and practices, training lower ranking members, and finding  recruits. The Lieutenant can also run practices and meetings when his/her Captain is not present. members promoted to Lieutenant, have shown initiate, leadership skills, and the ability to lead and manage others.
A lieutenants responsibilities include, all the previously stated responsibilities. Assisting your captain in settings up Practices/Meetings, Especially in the absence of a Captain or General.  Recruiting new members to the community, Ensuring no members is left behind. Ect. Lieutenants can be promoted through continued involvement in the community, and going above and beyond what is listed

Captain -
A good Captain must possess the following qualities: leadership, the ability to positively reinforce the GGC infrastructure, sound decision making, and dedication. As a Captain, you will need to evaluate all new recruits and vote on them, run practices and play squad/clan matches. The Captain is responsible for promoting his/her own Lieutenant to assist himself/herself. captains must consistently message their clan about  meeting times/dates. He/she must also ensure that all members follow the rules, register on the web site, and behave in a professional manner. The Captain will report any infractions directly to his/her General, The rank structure is there for a reason therefore do not take minor problems to Community Leaders. A Captain becomes eligible for a promotion by displaying the above qualities and excelling in all his/her job responsibilities. As always, good communication is the key to success.

Captains Responsibilities:

    Know, understand, and be able to teach all the responsibilities of the lower ranks.
    Act in a professional manner at all times.
    Ensure members are following the rules and  registered at
    Be active online in the game and on the forums.
    Show dedication and commitment while assisting his/her General run a successful clan.
    Run weekly meetings and  practices as well as having  “Game Nights” for your clan.
    Ensure members are playing the same games. Evaluate and vote on new recruits.
    Train your Lieutenant as your replacement.
    Follow the chain of command and take issues to your General not higher ranks.
    and Ensure no member is left behind!


Generals are the backbone of GG and should be respected by all GG members. As a General, You are the  watcher/overseer of your individual clan.  the General  is a role model for the Captains and all the members of Their clan. A General is responsible for running one GG clan, overseeing all aspects of his/her clan, as well as helping other clans when needed. As a General, you must promote Captains to assist you in running the clan. The General must ensure that all members have read the Rules. In addition, the General is expected to make sure all clan members are familiar with the rank structure and know who the leaders are in the community. Generals are also expected to meet with his/her clan weekly to discuss clan issues and vote on promotions within the clan. Generals must ensure that Captains are registering members on and are running lobbies with other GGC members. The General works closely with their Captains and community leader, to create an enjoyable gaming experience for all. A General is responsible for taking care of minor matters within the clan. The General is expected to report major infractions directly to his/her Community Leader. A General becomes eligible for a promotion by running a successful clan that represents what GGC stands for. A General must display sound judgment and decision making in all aspects of his/her online interaction. As always, good communication is the key to success.

Generals Responsibilities:

    Know, understand, and be able to teach all the responsibilities of the lower ranks.
    Help other Generals when needed
    Hold weekly meetings with Captains and Lieutenants to discuss clan issues or to pass on the latest   information and  news.
    Attend the meeting every Sunday or notify your Community Leader if they cannot attend.
    Work closely with your Captains and Lieutenants, to create a Guerrilla gamer experience for all members in the community.
    Communicate in game and on the forums be spamming messages that are passed down from the GGC leaders.
    Request GGC gamer tags approvals from your Community Leader
    Ensure the Captain is playing with members in similar games
    Ensure no member is left behind!

(2 other Ranks )T.B.D

Community Leaders-

The Final and highest rank in the GGC Rank structure is Community leader. The CL's are the founding members of GGC Community, that also handle the website. Community Leaders are also, responsible for Guerrilla Gamers as a whole. Community Leaders are the role models for the entire GGC. Community. The CL's work with a democratic structure, Voting on what is best for GGC as a whole.  CL's organize just about everything on the website and have the ability and power to change anything at any time

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